O2DS Z Laser Scanners

Series of Laser Scanners Performing Profile Measurement in 2D.

The O2DS Z Laser Scanners is a series of laser scanners that specialize in performing profile measurement in 2D. Measurement is achieved by oscillating the triangulation plane over an angle, with a maximum specified angle of 50°. These scanners utilize a fine collimated or focused laser beam that diffusely reflects from the surface of various objects. Through the use of a CCD camera and a Digital Signal Processor, the scanners accurately determine the radial distance from the mirror axis to the target surface and maintain the angular reference position.

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The O2DS Z-Line covers 8 different measuring ranges. The smallest is 100 mm and largest is 1300 mm. The resolution varies from 0.03 mm to 0.8 mm. The smaller the measuring range is, the better the resolution will be. O2DS Z models are available with measuring frequencies of 2 kHz or 6 kHz.

The O2DS Z-Line is a compact unit with integrated optics, CCD camera, and digital electronics. There is no need for a separate controller unit. The output is a serial interface RS-422 or RS-232 (or optional Ethernet). 

The actual interface to the application software is a DLL library for programs running under Windows.

Synchronization: As a rather unique feature the O2DS Z-Scanner is available in synchronized versions where two or more units works together to perform complex 2D/geometric measurements. The working principle is one master scanner unit together with one or more slave units – as for example, when four units controls dimensions and shape in tube- or similar productions process.

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High Temperature target.  To meet this demand, the O2DS family can be modified into High Temperature versions to reach different levels of temperature. Models are named HT (1000ºC, 1832ºF), VHT (1300ºC, 2372ºF) and VVHT capable of measuring on extreme hot target surfaces up to 2.200ºC (3920ºF). 

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Water-cooled protection house is available as extra. To further expand the usability of O2DS Z-Line scanners for High Temperature applications, we have developed a water-cooled protection house in stainless steel to enclose the sensors.

The sensor is surrounded on all sides except from the backside by 5 water chambers. This ensures a very effective cooling and protection and allow the sensor to operate close the hot targets like white glowing steel.

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The applications where the O2DS Z-Scanner family can be used are innumerable. From Steel-, metal and construction industry to food and car production – everywhere a non-contact precision profile scanning is advantageous.

A few examples where the O2DS scanners are being used:

Food Industry:
Measuring volume of cheese before it is cut out in segment and equal weight.

Metal Industry:
Measuring side profiles of aluminum slabs.

Steel Industry:
Measuring height of large steel slabs instead of thickness from above and below. Measuring diameter of steel tubes.

Car Industry:
Profile measuring tyre sides.