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Non Contact Distance, Profile & Thickness Measurement

We develop and manufacture high quality laser triangulation sensors to create the best products in the market for non contact distance measurement. Our team of engineers and software technicians constantly strive to develop solutions that give our customers and partners the quality they expect from us.

You name it, we make it

Off course we can’t make everything, but our extensive and broad experience within non contact measurement together with our company structure allows us to practice nearness and flexibility in both development and production. In addition to our highly competitive program of sensors and scanners, we design and customize special sensors for individual specific demands.

Made by Danish Sensor Engineering

By combining more than 20 years of experience in the field of non contact measurement with optical triangulation, unique electronics and skilled use of technology, we have developed a competitive range of laser ODS sensors and O2DS scanners to conduct all kind of non contact measurements with the highest precision.

High Temperatures

Based on BLUE laser technology the VVHT versions are capable of measuring on extreme hot target surfaces up to 2.200ºC / 3992ºF. This is one of the reasons our products are often used with steel and metal productions.

Robust Housing

Our compact and robust housing is suitable for most kind of environments, and the applications where this sensor family can be used are innumerable, extending from laboratory to steel and offshore industry – wherever a non-contact precision measurement is advantageous

Precise Measurements

Our specialty is measurement of distance, thickness, width, difference, level, height and shape. Performed on almost all kind of surface such as asphalt, cardboard, fiber, foam, food, glass, granulate, liquid, metal, paper, plastic, powder, rubber, steel, stone and wood.

Easy Integrations

Libraries (SDKs) for most common programming languages are available, to make it easy to use and integrate our products. We are always looking for ways to help our customers get the most out of our products and we are available for questions and open for requests.

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