The triangulation technique is an ancient yet very accurate way of measuring distance.

In a high quality laser sensor, a CCD-camera is used to record the emitted laser light. The way to illustrate this measuring principle is to follow a ray tracing from the laser optics to the target, and back to the CCD-camera.

For laser triangulation sensors of the highest quality, there is naturally more to it than the basic principle. To obtain the absolutely best measuring quality, advanced and powerful digital electronics must be used all the way from the recording CCD-camera to the output signals.

An effective range of laser sensors for all kind of non contact measurements

 USB 150   ODS Grey-Line  ODS Black-Line ODS Red-Line
Measuring ranges: Measuring ranges:  Measuring ranges:  Measuring ranges:
50 – 250 mm 5 – 100 mm 50 – 750 mm 100 – 2000 mm
 Centre distances:  Centre distances:  Centre distances:  Centre distances:
150 mm 72.5 – 120 mm 205 – 775 mm 500 – 3000 mm
 Dimensions:  Dimensions: Dimensions: Dimensions:
48 x 40 x 19.5 mm 120 x 95 x 31.5 mm 120 x 95 x 31.5 mm  255 x 205 x 70 mm