Use case: Measure Depth of Asphalt Holes

Asphalt hole / Pothole
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DSE ODS Sensor Library
Compact-Line sensor

Small in Size, Big in Versatility

Feb 22,2018 News by DSE
Our new innovative Compact-Line sensors measures in ranges from 50 mm up to 400 mm. The Compact-Line sensors uses a standard USB interface and does not need a separate power supply, but is powered by the USB connection. The sensor can also be ordered with a serial RS-232 (and 4-20mA or 1-9V analog output) or […]

Water Cooling House for ODS Black-Line

Mar 9,2015 News by DSE
For measurement on high temperature surfaces and materials We have developed a water cooling house in stainless steel that encloses the sensor with water chambers on five sides, effectively protecting it against high ambient temperatures. The cooling-box’s robust and compact design allows for easy installation in even the most challenging mounting positions, even with limited […]

The Unique 2-dimensional Z-Scanner Available in Synchronized Versions

Feb 27,2013 News by DSE
The O2DS Z-Scanner, available in synchronized versions, allows for precise and accurate complex 2D and geometric measurements. By utilizing one master scanner unit and one or more slave units, uniform movement of laser rays is achieved, enabling reliable measurements. This unique Z-Scanner family offers exceptional quality, with high measuring accuracy even at long standoff distances and over extended measurement ranges. Additionally, it excels in providing high precision on challenging target surfaces, a rare combination in the industry.

Distance Measurement on Extremely Hot Surfaces

Feb 27,2013 News by DSE
Non contact distance measurement on extreme hot target surfaces up to 2.200ºC / 3992ºF Our HT, VHT, and VVHT versions provide a reliable solution for measuring distance/profiles on extremely hot surfaces where the non-contact measuring principle may not be sufficient. These versions are specifically designed to handle challenging applications such as level measurement on molten […]