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You name it – we make it

Off course we can’t make everything, but our yearlong experience within non contact measurement together with our company structure allows us to practice nearness and flexibility in both development and production. In addition to the highly competitive program of sensors and scanners, we design and customize special sensors for individual specific demands.

Beside the specific technical specifications, further requirements as colours, branding, cabling or programming are also available when order seize or price addition warrants it. In short, we believe that customization is equal important to developing and producing high quality equipment.

Distance Measurement on Target with High Temperature

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To meet increased demands, especially from the steel industry, for distance measurement on target with high temperature we have developed High Temperature sensors and scanners for measuring on surfaces at temperatures up to as high as 2.200ºC (3.992°F).

Due to the non-contact measurement method, used in all our products, they are all capable of measuring distance on surface temperatures up to 450ºC (842°F), but many measurement applications in industry involve hot or very hot objects / targets surfaces making demands much higher temperatures.

To meet this demands, our well know series ODS Black-Line, ODS Grey-Line, ODS Red-Line and O2DS Scanners can be modified into High Temperature versions to reach different levels of temperature, basically named HT, VHT and VVHT.

The HT versions is made for measuring on objects with surface temperature up to 1000°C (1.830°F).

The VHT versions can manage target temperatures up to 1300°C (2.370°F).
Severe false light from either direct or reflected sunlight or other powerful sources of light can be solved by using a BLUE laser diode in HT or VHT versions.

The VVHT versions cope with target temperature up to as high as 2.200ºC (3.990°F). Using a BLUE laser diode in this specification do not only enable the very high target temperature capability, but it can also lower the IEC classification/laser power needed when a red diode is used.

The HT, VHT and VVHT specifications only relate to the target temperatures. The sensors/scanners itself cannot resist high temperatures; therefore precautions must be taken when sensors are being used for such applications.

Water-Cooled Housing is available as an accessory for Black-Line, Red-Line and O2DS Z-Line:

Water-Cooled Protection House Black-Line.

Water-Cooled Protection House Red-Line.

Water-Cooled Protection House O2DS-Line.

Further information can be obtained by following links together with the relevant datasheet:
ODS Black-Line        ODS Grey-Line         ODS Red-Line        O2DS Scanner.

To learn more about our HT-program, please feel free to contact your local dealer or us for more specific and individually questions.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Demands

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Liquid Metal and Molten Glass
Another example is additional power of the laser light in order to create sufficient diffuse/scatter reflection even from liquid metal and molten glass surfaces.

Counting and Qualification
Geometrical measurement is our main task, but ODS sensors also offer to measure other kinds of qualities. As examples we can mention counting packages for palletizing by robot, or measuring roughness of wooden sticks for parquet floors in conjunction with measuring thickness.

Special and Individual Programming
Every single measurement of an ODS lead to a tremendous amount of mathematical calculations, even so it is possible to program the ODS sensors with logical operations for specific applications. As a result we can often offer to design application solutions where the ODS sensor can be programmed with sufficient application logic so it has no need for a separate PC/PLC.

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