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Our field is high quality Non Contact Measurement by the use of laser and CCD technology. Our specialty is measurement of distance, thickness, width, difference, level, height and shape performed on almost all kind of surface such as asphalt, cardboard, fibre, foam, food, glass, granulate, liquid, metal, paper, plastic, powder, rubber, steel, stone and wood.

We develop and manufacture high quality laser sensors to create the best products in the market for non contact measurement. Our team of engineers and software technicians constantly endeavour to develop solution that give our customers and partners worldwide the quality they expect from us.

Become our partner in the world of Non Contact Measurement…

We support partners and end-users all over the world with advice and recommendations. All we need is details about the measurement task at hand and any requirements to the solution in order to come up with our professional advice. We also customize special sensors and scanners for specific demands. These support also covers those of our products marketed under a private labels.

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about us as your future partner in laser sensor triangulation products. We are looking for sales companies specialized in industrial measurement solutions as well as systems integrators focusing on one or more industrial sectors.