Thickness Measurement.

Measuring Tension or Slack.

Measuring Level on Liquid Metal

Measurement of Coil.

Measurement of Dimension or Height.

Measurement of Runout.

Our sensors are used in wide range of industrial applications from liquid aluminum level measurement to plywood production, from oil rig control to deformation measurement during crash test of cars. They are used to measure on hot steel slaps, on tire rethreading machines, on wheel balancing machines and a lot more. In short they are used in a wide range of applications where reliability, precision, robustness in harsh environments is a most.

DSE has developed software the makes it easy to start using the sensors and develop programs. This reduces start-up costs and time.

Thickness Measurement. An often used feature on the ODS sensors is that they are prepared for thickness measurement. If two sensor are connected to each other they will automatically begin to measure the thickness. For example used to measure the height and width of steel slaps for quality control.

Measurement of Wear, Vibration, Ovality or Runout. Used for example to measure on tires during retreading or measuring the profile of wheel rims. 

Level Measurement of Liquid Metal. We were contacted by a customer that needed to control the level of liquid aluminum in trough for a casting station. Every time new aluminum was pumped up the oxidized aluminum on the surface was pushed away and the surface look like an all most perfect mirror causing an ordinary laser distance sensor stopped working.  We developed a special sensor for molten aluminum that is capable to catch the very small amount of diffuse light reflected from the surface.